Woah… too many colours.

Leaking whispers (sleepless night at fariz’s house)

Posted on: March 5, 2009

The slightest hand of redemption fell onto daft ears at dawn;
the leaking whispers of athan rang to beckon for my forgiveness.
As I lay aimlessly on the bed with uncertainty to perform a feast of prayers –
for my poor soul, I know that there are way too many steps that I must shadow.

The screaming weekends drink to a lonely weekday and I too fell into many sins.
I can’t help  but think that this is all my doing.
Ya Allah let me fall away from grace for a few more seconds before chasing after you.
I need the sweet loot that will help me champion my heavy nights.

She aimlessly flights into past commotions in my mind while
you God plague me with dreams that would break the 10th of thousands.

Ya Allah, I am nor 10 of these men
that could carry the weights of the world.

Please let me dive into the wishing well
for a few seconds… because you and I both know.

I am no hero that could save her soul.


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