Woah… too many colours.

I’m only…thinking.

Posted on: January 21, 2009

The Beatles were never really a band that I publically enjoyed, thus it was a private crooning session for me, myself and I before I rest my head. Saying this; it is also a personal day-dream fantasy of mine to play these kind of easy tunes for my daughter or son (I only want two kids). Hopefully, years and years of guitar playing served it’s purpose and choose it for being a weapon of choice when putting the little munchkins to sleep (tested and worked on my niece).

Perhaps, I was never meant to be famous up on stage with rascals jumping about; BUT a father on a stool playing a song while my wife sing our children to sleep.
This is a personal bedtime favourite “I’m only sleeping” by The Beatles. Get the original version and such, and tell me what you think.

Hopefully, one of my (future) kids would grow up to be artistically artistic… unlike his tone-deaf (future) father.


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